News and Events

March 2020

          3/18 & 25th—-Lent meal will be serve at 6pm. Bible study to follow.  All are invited.

April 2020

         4/1 & 8th—at 6pm-Lent meal will be served.

         4/3/20—-at 6:30pm—-Advisory Council meeting

         4/10/20—7pm–Good Friday service at Morning Star BC

         4/12/20- at 6am—Sunrise service at Hill Street BC

         4/16/20–at 6:30pm—Joint Ministry meeting

         4/17/20–at 7pm—Church meeting

         4/19/20—-at 3pm—Deacon/Deaconess Anniversary.  Rev. Calloway, choir and congregation from

                          Maple Street  BC will be the guest.

         4/21-23/20–at 7:30pm–  Spring Youth Revival–Praise service will start at 7pm. Bishop Jamal Jackson

                        will be guest minister for all 3 nights.    

         4/26/20—at 3pm—VOJ will have a musical program.